Lightweight Curtain Suspension

Spring Loaded Net Rods Spring Loaded Net Rods
Strong steel rod with substantial rubber end grips allows fitting inside recess without drilling or brackets
Catalogue No. Adjustable between
SLN00016 0.4-0.6m (1’4”-2’0”)
SLN00022 0.56-0.9m (1’10”-3’0”)
SLN00036 0.9-1.5m (3’0”-5’0”)
SLN00048 1.2-2.1m (3’11”-6’11”)
SLN00072 1.9-2.5m (6’3”-8’2”)


Net Curtain Wire Net Curtain Wire
Catalogue No. Length
NCW00076 0.76m (2’6”)
NCW00102 1.02m (3’4”)
NCW00122 1.22m (4’0”)
NCW00152 1.52m (5’0”)
NCW00183 1.83m (6’0”)
NCW00274 2.74m (9’0”)


Net Rail Net Rail
Catalogue No. Adjustable Between
NRL00060 0.6-0.8m (2’0”-2’8”)
NRL00080 0.8-1.2m (2’8”-3’11”)
NRL00120 1.2-1.8m (3’11”-5’11”)
NRL00180 1.8m-2.7m (5’11”-8’11”)

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11mm Cafe Rods 11mm café rods (black & chrome)
Telescopic pole available in Black (BL) and Chrome (CH).
Catalogue No. Description
CAF11030/ 0.7-1.2m (2’6”-3’11”)
CAF11048/ 1.2-2.2m (3’11”-7’2”)

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11mm & 19mm café rods (brass)
Telescopic pole. Ideal for static treatments, lightweight
nets or voiles.
Catalogue No. DIA Adjustable Between
CAF11030 11 0.7-1.2m (2’6”-3’11”)
CAF11048 11 1.2-2.2m (3’11”-7’2”)
CAF20030 19 0.7-1.2m (2’6”-3’11”)
CAF20048 19 1.2-2.2m (3’11”-7’2”)
CAF20066 19 1.6-3.0m (5’6”-10’0’)

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Fittings Fittings
Catalogue No. Description
NRA00001 Self-Adhesive Hooks (pack of 2)
NRA00002 Self-Adhesive Supports (pack of 2)
IBA20081 Rings 11mm (pack of 10) Brass
IBA20082 Rings 19mm (pack of 10) Brass
IBA20081/ Rings 11mm (pack of 10) BL or CH



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